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Online Martial Arts Training and Self-Defense Instruction

H.I.A.T.U.S. Training


Survive. Defend. Escape.

Learn to defend yourself during a home invasion.

Hone techniques to counter a real-world attack.

Get out of cuffs, zip ties, or duct tape binds … FAST.

Over 7 hours of video training, including live demonstration, footage from the live class, and lecture material with accompanying slides and video case studies. Taught by Sensei Darin Reisler.

  • Learn how to respond if you are the victim of a home invasion
  • Learn how to escape from handcuffs
  • Learn how to break free from zip ties in seconds
  • Learn how to quickly sever duct tape and even rope binds
  • Learn about the basic survival tools you should have on you at all times
  • Format: online mixed media – video lectures, demonstrations, and live class footage, plus embedded YouTube videos used in case studies, and digital slides which accompany lectures
  • Length: 7+ hours
  • Requirements: a internet connection and computer capable of viewing web pages and online video; see technical requirements for more detail.

This is an online course. The course is available to you for 4 months from the date of purchase. If you wish to re-register for the class at any point in the future, you will be receive a discounted rate (subject to change). We try to help users who have technical issues with taking the course, but we cannot guarantee customer technical support will be available for free.


– Course Introduction- Holistic nature that surrounds safety
– Instructor’s Background- 30 years of training that has been tried and tested in the real world.
– Statistical Information- You must know your enemy
– Criminology- How Criminals pick their victims
– Victimology- How to become up to 98% LESS likely to be a victim of violent crime.
– Safety outside the home- What you need to focus on to be safer.
– Legal Aspects- Things to know to help keep you out of trouble for defending yourself.
– Real World Scenario Studies- Theory and practice coming together.
– Situational Awareness- How this can save your life!
– The Plus One Rule- I know people who have been killed because they didn’t obey this tactical imperative.
– Scenario Based Self-Defense- Real world application- the same stuff I have used in real life and continue to teach to police officers and military operatives.
– Front choke- two fingers is all it takes to save your life
– Straight punch defense- how to keep your teeth where they belong.
– Crazy bar guy punch defense- how to stop the insanity
– Snatch and grab from behind- not today, buddy!
– Rear choke- Turn the tables on this cowardly attack
– Defending yourself on the ground- the mount- what to do and how
– Defending yourself on the ground- the guard- an unseemly position that can be your good friend
– Shirt grab- other than a wrinkled collar, you’ll be just fine.
– Same side wrist grab- It will take more than that, my friend!
– Opposite side wrist grab- Some guys just never learn.
– Two handed wrist grab- Twice the fun for you, but not for him.
– Straight knife attack- Get the point of this lesson so that you don’t get the point of the knife.
– Defense against a gun- We pull the trigger and call out some folks on this one.
– Shopping Safety- It’s all fun and games… until it’s not anymore.
–  Vehicle Safety- Two thousand pound battering rams with wheels.  What to do; what not to do.
– Been followed lately?  Burn moves and other tactics
– Unmarked police vehicles- should you pull over?
– Common criminal setups- and we just won the Australian lottery, so let’s claim those winnings.
– Your house- if I were a criminal, would I pick it?  How to make your residence less appealing to those who would do you harm.
– Attacked in your house- apparently, Pookie the crackhead didn’t know you took this course, but he’s about to find out what you’ve learned.
– Hostage and Kidnap scenarios- When to fight; how to survive.
– Escaping common restraints- Sensitive information that every law abiding citizen should know
– Duct tape- When silence isn’t golden… it’s silver.
– Handcuffs- The bad guys use them, too!
– Zip ties- Pookie thought he could keep you restrained with these? Nope!
– Rope- Scared now… or a frayed knot?
– Basic Lock Picking- When I was a kid, my dad told me that he felt cops should know at least as much as the criminals.  I agree, and I think you should have a basic knowledge here, too.
– Pin Tumber Lock- Time to take a ride down the rabbit hole.
– Warded Locks- Just how deep does this go?
– Combination Locks- Turning the dials of freedom
– Survival Gear-  Everyday essentials to help keep you stylin’ and profilin’.
– For the home- Unfortunately, my list doesn’t include shampoo.
– On your person- Less than you may expect- or maybe more.
– In your vehicle- Don’t become a statistic. However, if you do, at least be on the good side of the table.
– Staying safe while you travel- It’s all fun and games until you need to find the U.S. Embassy.
– Closing Remarks- We’re here for you now, and in the future. (Pookie… not so much.)


Purchasing this course entitles buyer to access it for 4 months from the date of purchase.

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